11 releases to dominate the 2022 Cannes Film Festival


effect Cannes Film Festival should not be underestimated. In 2019, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite carried the Palme d’Or for the Best Picture Oscar, while last year – after the 2020 edition was canceled due to the pandemic – the impressive roster included the critics’ beloved The Worst Person. World and Best International Film Oscar winner Drive My Car. So what will dazzle Croisette this time? We’ve selected 11 of the most anticipated movies.

The movies on our list are sorted by their popularity on IMDb. This is how we discover what audiences are most looking forward to.

11. Battle Pony

Country : United States of America

Manager : Gina Gammell, Riley Keough

with stars: Ashley Shelton, Robert Stover, Jojo Baptise Haddock

IMDb Popularity Rate: No

Two boys (Jojo Bapteise Whiting and LaDainian Crazy Thunder) grapple with notions of identity, loss and modern masculinity as they grow up on the Pine Ridge reservation in the United States in Riley Keough’s directorial debut and Gina Gammell. Inspired by real events, this film promises to be a moving examination of marginalized communities in pursuit of the American dream.

10. Appear

Country : United States of America

Manager : Kelly Reichardt

with stars: Michelle Williams, Hong Chau, Maryann Plunkett

IMDb Popularity Rate: No

The latest in Kelly Reichardt’s poignant and richly poetic work is the story of an increasingly frustrated sculptor (Michelle Williams) on the verge of a career-changing exhibition. As he waits for inspiration to reach him, his personal life becomes increasingly absurd.

9. Broker

Country : South Korea

Manager : Hirokazu Kore-eda

with stars: Song Kang-ho, Bae Doona, Gang Dong-won

IMDb Popularity Rate: 4599

Song Kang-ho (Parasite) is at the heart of this tearful and finely crafted film from Hirokazu Kore-eda, who won the Palme d’or for her sensitive and lively film Shoplifters. The subject of his new movie is the baby box phenomenon in South Korea, where newborn babies can be left anonymously to be cared for by others.

8. Triangle of Sorrow

Country : Sweden

Manager : Ruben Ostlund

with stars: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Woody Harrelson

IMDb Popularity Rate: 4121

Black comedies are a kind of specialty of Ruben Ostlund. The films in question are:

  • Force Majeure;
  • square ;
  • Mongolian guitar.

He unleashed his most bizarre satire yet: the story of two supermodels (Harris Dickinson and Sharlby Dean) who board a luxury cruise liner, unaware that its Marxist captain wants to take passengers by assault.

7. Noon Stars

Country : France

Manager : Claire Dennis

with stars: Robert PattinsonTheron EdgertonJoe Alvin

IMDb Popularity Rate: 3601

In 1980s Nicaragua, an American journalist and a British businessman fall in love and try to escape the revolution in Claire Denis’ sweeping adaptation of Denis Johnson’s gripping novel. In front of the stage? Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn and John C. Reilly.

Did Chris Denis receive the Palme d’Or at Cannes?

No, before that he only managed to get nominated for films:

6. The Time of Armageddon

Country : United States of America

Manager : James Gray

with stars: Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong

IMDb Popularity Rate: 2889

An intimate tale of coming-of-age in 1980s Queens, James Gray’s semi-autobiographical epic sees Banks Repeta as a schoolboy who gets into trouble with the Trump family. Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong are her parents, and Anthony Hopkins is her gray-haired grandfather.

How many films are in James Gray’s filmography?

James Gray doesn’t usually give public firsts. He has only released eight films in his 28-year career.

5. Decision to Leave

Country : South Korea

Manager : Park Chan-wook

with stars: Tang Wei, Park Hae-il, Go Kyung-Pyo

IMDb Popularity Rate: 2569

Following a detective (Park Hae-il) who becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation (Tang Wei), this haunting mystery marks South Korean veteran Park Chan-wook’s first big-screen project since 2016’s charming The Handmaiden. cinematography, haunting music, simmering sexual tension and lots of twists.

4. Three thousand years of nostalgia

Country : United States of America

Manager : George Miller

with stars: Idris Elba, Sarah Hubolt, Kaan Guldur

IMDb Popularity Rate: 2500

Before taking over the Mad Max franchise (this time with Anya Taylor-Joy at the helm), George Miller directed this fantasy epic, starring Tilda Swinton as a lone academic and Idris Elba as a genie who grants her three wishes. Will he choose wisely?

3. Irma Vep

Country : United States of America

Manager : Olivier Assayas

with stars: Alicia Vikander, Adria Arjona, Tom Sturridge

IMDb Popularity Rate: 1958

Olivier Assayas’ brilliant limited series, a reprint of the 1996 cult classic, focuses on a movie star (Alicia Vikander) in crisis. Contemplating a new role, she discovers that the lines between reality and fiction are becoming dangerously blurred.

2. Future Crimes

Country : Canada

Manager : David Cronenberg

with stars: Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux, Kristen Stewart

IMDb Popularity Rate: 54

Viggo Mortensen plays an artist whose organs have been transformed in David Cronenberg’s deeply disturbing horror, which the author himself expects to sell at Cannes. She is assisted by Léa Seydoux as her glamorous partner and Kristen Stewart as the investigator obsessively following her movements.


Country : United States of America

Manager : Baz Luhrmann

with stars: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Luke Bracey

IMDb Popularity Rate: 53

Baz Luhrmann’s surreal, flamboyant biography of King of Rock ‘n’ Roll features Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge (as the luminous Priscilla Presley), hysterical music sequences, and Tom Hanks as his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. .

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We’ve compiled a list of films that we think will premiere the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, with lesser-known films at the top of our favourites. One thing is for sure, there will be many contenders for the Palme d’Or this year. By the way, Cannes Film Festival 2022 has already started and you can follow the developments on the official website. We hope none of us winners will be disappointed.


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