13 ideas to make a living


Like this earn money and save We’ve uncovered the perfect tips to make a living, not a headache every month!

Earn money by renting your home

Renting (all or part of) your accommodation may be worth it. We are signing up for the holidays. airbnb, wimdu, abritel, but you can also offer your living room at officeriders.com for a few hours. mobile workers or their garden/terrace/swimming pool over we-peps.fr Open homecamper.com.tr and private gardens.com, large gardens are very popular for family celebrations, eg for summer barbecues or campers. We can also rent for bars, photo shoots… cinedcors.fr or cast-things.com.

How much does he pay? around €15 per day at homecamper.fr and jardins-prives.com; 40 to 50 €/hour at we-peps.fr It all depends on the geographical area, the area and the options offered (parking etc.). Count from 300 to 500 € per day for shots.

Make your travels profitable by delivering

good idea? Take advantage of being on the road often. leave parcels handing over their food to individuals or even to neighbors. If we make a lot of professional or personal trips, we sign up at cocolis.fr to help people who need to ship small or large boxes at a lower cost. Transported goods are insured by MAIF. Another plan: your arms deliver the neighbors On Drive, shopopop.com and yper.fr those who want to save themselves from the pullback of the races.

How much does he pay? Package delivery for food from 5 to 10 €, a surfboard from 75 to 100 €, or car package for a small office.

Job: Making money by helping

barter helping hand between individuals for a few euros (assembling a piece of furniture, moving in, watering the flowers during the holidays, caring for animals…) find a job. Platforms: allovoisins.com, yoojo.fr and jemepropose.com. When we are available, we can contact you for babysitting, homework help or DIY.

How much does he pay? 10€ to 12€ for 1 hour DIY, around 8€ per hour for one-time babysitting. Also note that on allovoisins.com you can borrow equipment between individuals for a few euros a day.

Evaluate a reception in a store, test a restaurant or a product to improve the quality of a service. Many companies are looking for undercover detectives To play the lambda client before populating an observation grid. In order to fulfill a task, you must not work in the relevant sector and be available for at least half a day. Quests are rare, but you can be summoned more regularly when things go well. Sites : Visite-mystere.qualimetry.com,reflectionclient.com,vitalisgroup.com,orphee.fr.

How much does he pay? Between 8 and 15 € per hour and the items we have been asked to buy from us are reimbursed.

we are on the pot virtual piggy bank From a few cents to a few euros for each online purchase thanks to cashback. To order online, go to: cashstore.fr or igraal.fr paying me a percentage of the amount spent. From the 15 € won we get a transfer. same principle capitalkoala.com: We collect donations for our children in more than 2,000 e-shops. Note that you must create an account and purchase from a partner seller. And beware: some sites may ask to subscribe to a monthly paid subscription to take advantage of discounts and money, in which case we’re out.

How much does he pay? 1% to 4% of the order amount or between € 0.05 and € 2, depending on the seller.

Sell ​​the electricity in my solar panels

To resell the excess electricity from our solar panels, we need to connect the generated energy to the grid, go through an energy supplier and sign a purchase contract. To find out the resale prices, you can visit sites such as quelenergie.fr and selectra.info and ask your supplier for the procedure to be followed.

How much does he pay? Approximately € 200/year for resale of 2,000 kWh/year (10 cts/kWh) surplus.

I sell everything, even my gift cards!

Come on, shh: We sort and mail our lockers (clothes, objects, furniture, etc.). offers over Amazon Rachet (for video games, books…), cloakroomcollective.com and vinted.fr for clothes, amazon.fr for electronics, Rakuten (former price minister) for electronics or backmarket for phones. f…

The downside: commission fees. It is useful to jump to calcul.co for this. You can view the sales costs by platform with one click. And when I’m offered gift cards from stores that don’t interest me, I can sell them on sleepmoney.com and placeescartes.fr.

How much does he pay? Around 75 euros for a 100 euro gift card, 120 euros for a smartphone less than two years old and in good condition. It is estimated that you earn an average of €400 per year by reselling your used items on leboncoin.fr.

Rent your parking space, pantry

An empty parking lot? Whether it’s for the daytime or a long weekend, it can be of interest to someone working or passing through the neighborhood. The only condition: sign a sublease to save things. A few potential clients: monsieurparking.com, parkadom.com, pritsmaplace.fr explain the procedure to follow and you can run your ad. From time to time, you can rent your very spacious and little used cellar from ouistock.fr or jestocke.com.

How much does he pay? About 60 € per month for a 6 m2 cellar or box, between 50 € and 120 € per month for a parking space, depending on the location and the city concerned.

I became an online product tester

Attend consumers’ tests or meetings, and paid surveys It’s nice and not too complicated at wedoolink.com, capconso.com, stephenson-etudes.fr. We regularly buy cosmetics, cereal bars to test at home, and then give our detailed opinion through an extensive survey. Sometimes we have to travel to attend consumer meetings that last between 2 and 4 hours and are paid for. Downside: large number of requests and few selected. It is better to register on several sites to increase the chances of being selected.

How much does he pay? Around €50 for 3 hours with check or coupons.

I became a dog sitter!

Open dogbuddy.com, gudog.fr Where yoopies.fr, Dog and cat owners regularly look for childcare and dog sitter plans from a few hours to a few days. Important: to do this business you need to love animals, you do not grow a green plant, it requires minimal personal investment.

How much does he pay? Around €8 per hour for walking, around €10 for nursery and €15 to €30 per day for home boarding.

Translate texts online to earn money

You can sell your translation skills on protranslate.net or textmaster.com, provided you are bilingual or have a very good level in a language.

How much does he pay? Count at least € 0.05 per word translated or around € 50 for 1000 words.

I make my culinary skills profitable

Give the community a shout out at eatwith.com typical meal at home (tables d’hôtes) or cooking class.

How much does he pay? You advertise by announcing a price, knowing that the guest will pay 20% more than the suggested price (corresponding to the site commission).

Sell ​​your creations on Etsy

Making beautiful necklaces? Berets? Or if you know how to knit or dye, go to etsy.com. sell handmade products.

How much does he pay? It all depends on the creation and the chosen selling price!


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