5 tips to make money online


Computers, tablets, smartphones, we spend a lot of time in front of our eyes. screens to change one or the other according to our activities. If professional reasons outweigh most of the time, the screens have an undeniably playful role. How about making that screen time profitable by making money while surfing?

With Economic crisis When commonplace and livelihood need meet, monetization tools are at the center of concerns. However, not everyone is in a position to be an entrepreneur or create a revolutionary concept that will make him the future Jeff Bezos. Fortunately, Internet It is an inexhaustible source of opportunity to save some money. Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips to help you earn money during your login period.

Respond to online surveys and surveys

If you have a talent for expressing in writing that you love to help, this tip is definitely for you. You just need to win a few euro to give you an idea on very specific issues that special platforms offer you. This situation is for example My Opinion Matters This allows you to answer online surveys for a fee.

Some sites require you to register before sending emails that you need to reply to. This could be opinions about products and services or surveys based on your profile.

play games online

Gambling is an activity as old as the world, but play for money online is a plus. In the category, you will have a hard time choosing the game genres that appeal to you the most. Puzzles, the lottery, sports betting and even online poker, it is possible to win several thousand euros by playing games with other Internet users.

However, the risk with this method of making money online is to get addicted to the game’s frenzy. For avoid getting addicted to online games and you will lose all your winnings, so you need to have strategies and stick to them.

Offer equipment rental

Haven’t you ever dreamed of taking over the DIY store during lockdown? But this tip might be a good way to collect a few bucks from Sunday mechanics. Do you have tools that sleep in your attic or garden shed? It may be time to make them profitable.

You can offer to rent your equipment. special sites. Tenants pay a deposit that covers costs in case of damage. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to help while winning.money.

Sell ​​your unused items

Over the years, it is not uncommon for clothes, furniture, toys, and other items to accumulate in closets. It is an opportunity to take an inventory of everything you no longer use, organize an online garage sale and save a few euros along the way. More and more people are opting for this solution by selling their old clothes through sale. free websites special. However, be careful to only sell clothes and items in excellent condition, as you risk seeing your popularity score drop.

Renting a property privately

How would you like to earn money while doing it? Celebration Renting your flat or house to other vacationers? The concept has developed more and more on the Internet, and especially ingenious. Many sites offer to link owners with supporting photos to find seasonal tenants. This also applies if you own a property in another city and want to avoid costs through an agent. All you have to do is sign up for a site like Airbnbto define the area to be rented, to reveal the rules to be followed and to wait until the site reveals the ideal tenant for you.


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