PSG: Kylian Mbappé says ‘I will not go beyond my duty as a player’




Exchanges with Macron

After going to meet with supporters, Kylian Mbappé again exchanged views with journalists and said that he spoke several times about his future, especially with Emmanuel Macron.


with fans

After the press conference, Kylian Mbappé went to meet PSG supporters, who gave him a standing ovation.

LP/Arnaud Journois


Mbappe: “I want to represent my values”

“During the Blues rally in March, no one wrote the slightest line about image rights. Football has changed and I want to represent the values ​​I want to stand for. We will quickly resolve this issue with intelligence and respect,” Kylian Mbappé explained regarding image rights in the election.


End of press conference

The press conference ended with the applause of many journalists in the conference room of the Parc des Princes.


“Money wasn’t the most important thing for Kylian”

“Money wasn’t the most important thing for Kylian, it was the athlete,” said PSG chief Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.


Mbappé: “I hope Real fans understand my decision”

“I have never worn the Real Madrid jersey and I thank the Real fans for seeing me as one of their own. I hope they understand my decision to stay in France. I am French and wanted to continue in my country a little longer,” says Kylian Mbappé.


Al-Khelaïfi: “We built something very powerful with Kylian”

“We want to win, Kylian wants to win, that’s the most important thing. We weren’t sure he signed, that’s true, but he did. From our first meeting with his family, we’ve built something very, very strong with Kylian,” the PSG president added.

LP/Arnaud Journois


“I don’t listen to what Mr. Tebas says,” says Al-Khelaïfi

“The president of our league, Vincent Labrune, is none other. The most important thing today is to have the best player in the world for three years. What the Spanish league president says does not interest me, I do not listen to him,” he said.


Mbappé: “I don’t need to be a captain to express myself”

“I don’t want to behead my captain, I don’t need to be captain to express myself and be important on the pitch. Angel di Maria is a great player, I was very happy to play with him here.”


“Neymar and Messi didn’t talk to me”

Clubs like Real don’t need convincing, they’re big clubs. Regarding Neymar and Messi, the quality of these two players no longer needs to be proven and they didn’t tell me about my contract, they knew it was a personal decision,” says Kylian Mbappé.


Mbappé: “I am focused on this new project”

“I would like to thank Florentino Perez for Real Madrid fulfilling all the conditions to bring me here, but I have decided to stay in Paris. I am focused on this new project, this new era, I do not think about the future.”


Mbappe: “My story here is not over”

“This is my country, I didn’t want to go out the back door. The project has changed and my story here is not over. Last week I made my decision, I didn’t reveal it to my teammates because the club wanted to keep it a secret,” says Kylian Mbappé.


Mbappe: “I never go beyond my football role”

Asked if there is any power over recruitment, Kylian Mbappé replied, “I will remain a football player, never going beyond my function as a football player.”


Mbappe: “It was a tough decision”

In the process, Kylian Mbappé made his first words during this press briefing: “It was a difficult decision, but this is where I wanted to play football. The pressure has been there since I was little, so I’m used to it.


Al-Khelaïfi: “Kylian stays here because Paris puts him in the best mood possible”

“Kylian stays here because Paris puts him in the best position to be the best in the world,” said the PSG boss.


Al-Khelaïfi: “We are hiring the best player in the world”

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi was the first to speak to journalists from around the world: “Today is a great day for PSG history. For our supporters in France and around the world. Kylian will stay for the next three years, it’s very important for us, for France. That’s a strong signal, we’re holding the best player in the world. »


Mbappé and Al-Khelaïfi are coming

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and Kylian Mbappé introduce themselves to the reporters in the auditorium. The press conference is about to begin.


Park auditorium ready

There are also a large number of journalists in the auditorium of the Parc des Princes, where Kylian Mbappé and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi are due to present themselves around 3 pm.


Fans are waiting for Mbappe

The capital’s club’s supporters are growing in numbers around the stadium and they are impatiently waiting for the French prodigy Kylian Mbappé.


Mbappé guest at 20:00 on TF1 this Monday

After this press conference at the Parc des Princes this afternoon, Kylian Mbappé will continue his communications operation, being invited to 8 PM on TF1 to once again discuss his choice to continue his Paris adventure.


Dozens of people around the Parc des Princes

There are several dozen people on the site right now, but many supporters should follow in the next few minutes.


Is Portuguese Ruben Amorim the coach of the future?

According to our information, Sporting’s young Portuguese coach is the priority of PSG’s future sporting director Luis Campos. He could replace Mauricio Pochettino, who will not be retained for a year after his contract expires, in the coming weeks.

Ruben Amorim is the young coach of Sporting Portugal. icon sport


Luis Campos is the new master on board


The CUP gathers at 14:30 in front of the Auteuil bend.

On Sunday, the day after the Kylian Mbappé extension was announced, Collectif Ultras Paris announced on Twitter that it will hold a rally in front of the Auteuil corner of the Parc des Princes at 2:30 p.m. on the break of the press conference.


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