Scandal on Terra: FatMan Kwon denounces SBF, Kanav Kariya and Jump Crypto


FatMan, a popular influencer in the LUNAtic community, claims to have knowledge of the corruption and questionable dealings associated with Terra’s downfall. Would the $40 billion lost be in a secret address of Mr. Kwon?

Scandal in Terra

Fatman would learn dirty tricks from Terra’s downfall.

Anonymous sources are said to have whispered some confidential information about the Terra scandal to FatMan, a member of the LUNAtic community. If there really was an occasional loss, or rather $39.1 billion, it’s because Do Kwon had something to do with it.

Indeed, they must have seen something suspicious about what Terra co-founder Sam Bankma-Fried (FTX) operation Jump Crypto and its chairman Kanav Kariya did.

Here’s what FatMan shared on Twitter:

I’ve been contacted by several informants in the last 48 hours. These people want to remain anonymous and will remain so. I have learned some deeply disturbing things and there is much to come – this is just the beginning. Here is some of what I can tell you. »

Those concerned took the dose of warning

FatMan did not spare a single person named in his tweet.

Do Kwon (@stablekwon)

I’m aware of Jump’s May 2021 bailout and know exactly how much you owe LUNA each month (hint: how many zeros per million?). »

Jump Jump_)

I know exactly what you’re doing to manipulate individuals and make them lose billions on the UST, especially the LUNA. »

Kanav Kariya (@KanavKariya)

I know who is controlling you behind the scenes (B); I know your Slack group has a 14-day retention window. »

Sam Bankman-Fried (@SBF_FTX)

I am aware of Serum’s 30% deal with Jump and what they have done to retail investors after that. »

As a result, it gave the following message:

There’s a lot more I can’t say but know this I know and I know justice is near because this time you went too far – this time you killed people – someone has to fight for them. If I die, someone will take my place. Nothing – just the beginning. Time to go. »

Wasn’t the Terra survivors their first shot?

FatMan didn’t forget to flash back to a certain (intelligently concealed?) recovery package from Terraform Labs’ (TFL) vault in 2021. Indeed, a similar depreciation warning was issued at the time. Fortunately, it was quickly brought back to par. So no warning.

On the night of May 23, before he fell asleep, he wrote:

One last thing before bed. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, including billionaires. People have given me the honor of owning this platform. I can’t abuse it – I’m morally obligated to post what I believe to be true and only true. »

I’m just a normal person. Without relationships or power. I am just a messenger. I share sounds and stories. Serious crimes have been committed and people deserve to know what happened to them with the utmost transparency. Please don’t attack me. I’m sorry, but I have to do this.” he concluded.

With such revelations he offers himself the status of a Snowden or a high-speed Assange bis.

In conclusion, we will consider a long message left by a former journalist for FatMan:

Congratulations on the information you disclose and your determination to protect your resources. You will get a lot of criticism from Do, who will pressure you to reveal too much information or your sources. They will constantly ask you for proof and attack you with ad hominem attacks. Stay strong and don’t worry. I am a former journalist and have already experienced this type of situation. They may even try to give you false information to discredit you. Triangulate your information and disclose less than you think you should. First of all, avoid giving too many details – will they try to trick you with this? In this game, all they have to do is try to prove a single piece of information wrong to discredit you. Keep this in mind and keep the pressure on them. Also get in touch with good crypto journalists. Good luck and looking forward to your actions. »

In short, Terra’s fall for a scandal is one of them. Didn’t we say that being a long drama is risky? Otherwise, good luck FatMan, investors have your back.

Sources: Reddit; WORK Stock; Coin News

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