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Hugo Délire, SuperZouloux, MoMaN or Punkill: They know how to deal with it. At 9 PM on Monday, we’ll find out which of these players has the best cards!

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It’s usually against the backdrop of mainstream competitive video games as long as they have the opportunity to express themselves. Apex Legends, Counter Strike, call of Duty, Rocket League, valiant or Fall Gentlemen : six contestants Winamax Arena This Monday, May 30, recognize them as tall, wide and diagonal. They spent tens, hundreds, even thousands of hours there; some have devoted all or part of their careers to it. One evening, they’ll be brought together to show off their skills at another game they’re less likely to master: poker. rather players Where rookies our six friends MoMan, Combat, lowAn, Hugo Delirium, rascal and Super Zouloux ? This will be your chance to see it from 9 o’clock. Winamax TVall played by PonceP, he is a professional actor League of Legends In another life. And if this new arena is at least as moving as a stream or YouTube video of one of the six thieves, you shouldn’t see time pass!

Monday 17 January ratings
Start at 9pm.

While we waited for them to tear themselves apart in great clicks, we asked them to draw their best points:

MoMan Daron of the group and probably the biggest favorite of the night, MoMan ! Former pro passed by several giants of the esports scene earthquake 2, StarCraft II and Counter StrikeAfter playing for almost all of France’s famous teams, he gave up his role to take on the coaching and commentary role, even if it remained very competitive. “I’m going to show all these little kids that poker is sometimes a lot more strategic than a lot of video games”warns a few days before the summit meeting.

Combat Esports is a big passion Combat. overwatch, Fall Gentlemen, Rocket League, hearthstone…: Alexandre is an all-knowing veteran who can host the biggest esports parties as well as play commercials on Twitch. A perfect Swiss army knife will be one of the players to watch in this Arena, with no real weakness and appreciated by all. “I only have friends in this tournament… but that won’t stop me from playing to win!”

lowAn One of both lowAn chains kills on this Winamax Arena’s table like he did call of Duty, the game shouldn’t take too long. He’s still inexperienced in poker, so Monday night must be completely unpredictable… with the same aim as usual: “I always play to win on the net. Video game or poker, it doesn’t matter!”

rascal rascal ? Definitely a good trigger for the game. With a terrific sensitive arm in hand, especially call of DutyThe master gamer will rely on his keen analysis sense and quick wit to break his opponents’ play on Monday evening. “They will underestimate me for being one of the youngest. It will be their biggest mistake.”

Hugo Delire After stepping into the French YouTube game thanks to his videos on horror games, Hugo Delirium She was one of the faces of Le Stream for a long time before going solo again just a year ago. A very ordinary poker player (“I played Uno for money once and thought the flush was an incurable disease.“), but it should not be disposed of: this competitor seeks to use the good knowledge he has to surpass his competitors.

Super Zoloux Let’s finish with the real card player of this squad: Super Zouloux. But instead of bluffing or drawing straight flushes, Louis is most comfortable with Dragons or Exodia the Cursed. Kids of the 2000s will have gotten the referees: The thing about “Zoulou” Yu Gi Oh ! Known online for his good humor and smile, Zouloux will bring to our Arena the small dose of entertainment necessary for a nice evening with friends. He is an eternal optimist and should show in his aggressive approach to every hand. It is certain: “My opponents may be good guys but my experience in card games will allow me to go too far.”

You have a whole weekend to think about who you think will be the favorite of this 100% game Winamax Arena. Because once the show starts, you will be asked to vote live for your colt. During the show there will be several consecutive draws with prizes increasing based on your foal’s final position.

To immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of the world Winamax ArenaThere’s nothing better than tasting it in the fast food mode, the best of the previous edition that brings together the cream of the Winamax Team. Kool Sen, Guillaume Diaz, Mustafa Kanit, Loik Debregeas, Gaelle Baumann and Pierre Calamusa. We can’t guarantee the level will be that high this Monday, but the volume will be!

See you Monday at 9pm on Winamax TV

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