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Here’s a simple and pretty fun way to earn a few extra dollars a month without disrupting your daily life too much. You just have to enjoy giving your opinion. And being ready to spend time in front of your phone or computer screen. How much ? Let’s just say it’s the equivalent of a few social media bum sessions. Work: answer online surveys.

Businesses, researchers, and governments are all concerned about products, policies, etc. should know what people are thinking to guide their decisions regarding its development. But to feel the pulse of a society, you need volunteers willing to reveal the heart of their thoughts, and that’s where you come in.

Several Canadian survey sites reward participants by offering points that can be redeemed with gift cards or cash (via PayPal or prepaid credit cards). In my spare time, a little over three hours, over two weeks, I received a prepaid credit card for $20, answering fifteen surveys. Not enough to quit the job, but a little extra won’t hurt either.

three test sites

I signed up for three Canadian sites that offer surveys in French: LEO, created in 2004 by surveyor Léger, which has more than 400,000 members in Canada and the United States; the Angus Reid Forum affiliated with the research institute of the same name; and MOBROG Canada, owned by the German market research firm Splendid Research.

The operation of the three platforms is almost the same. When you create your account, you need to set up your profile. And therefore answer personal questions: age (in LEO,Register from the age of 14 withapprovalparent), place of residence, level of education, household composition, income, etc.

The three platforms guarantee that your personal data will remain confidential, your responses will be anonymous, and your contact information will not be released to third parties unless you give your consent. Therefore, you will not receive targeted advertising.

Once your profile is created, you will be emailed an invitation when the relevant surveys are ready. The duration usually ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. The longer the survey, the better the rewards, and you know what to expect as you are informed of the expected duration and what the survey will give you.

However, a certain number of points must be collected to claim the rewards. The minimum payout threshold is 5 Euros (about $6.86) on MOBROG, $20 on LEO and $25 on Angus Reid Forum.

Variable experience

At the end of April, I started my adventure by opening an account on three sites. I had decided to answer all the surveys that would be offered to me, but quickly realized that the offer varied significantly from one platform to the next. In two weeks I only received five surveys from Angus Reid. MOBROG regularly invited me to take part in surveys I started before I found out after a few questions that my profile didn’t match what was sought for research. So much that I finally gave up. I’ve also been kicked out of some LEO-related polls, but much less frequently. And each time a small compensation in the form of points was offered.

The experience has also proven to be much more precise on the Léger platform. The interface is user-friendly, the mobile app makes it easy to take surveys on the go, and new surveys are delivered almost daily.

More importantly, the issues themselves, local issues, minteresting: my participation allowed me to express my opinion about a new home charging system for electric vehicles, the existence of pipelines in Quebec, the identity of Quebec or a new proposal to promote cultural trips. Let’s just say it’s more interesting than the questions about the smell of liquid detergent.

Since the surveys offered vary based on the respondent’s profile, it may very well be that your experience is different from mine and you prefer another platform.

Ah yes, advice to smart little ones who want to maximize the rewards by responding quickly to anything. Some questions are designed to expose you. Which ones I let you find!


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